La Perla Veneziana

La Perla Veneziana

Calle de l'Ogio 6, 30141 Murano - Venezia F.ta Radi 25, 30141 Murano - Venezia
Telefono: +39 041739695
Fax: +39 0415274964
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Beauty, elegance and uniqueness. Three words with the ability to describe this artform that otherwise escapes precise definition, as often happens when one enters into the world of art. Infact, La Perla Veneziana is a company where age-old art culture and modern taste merge to form a union of refinement.And when one speaks of these creations, one speaks of unique pieces that are born from the experience of a time-honoured trade. A trade that Renata and Giorgia Ferrari learnt from their mother, Adelina, an expert Venetian bead-maker, and from the study of colours and fashion. A company that isn’t only a name, but a person or better still made up of people with a strong female influence. A laboratory where one can breathe in the pleasure of work, still carried out with meticulous ease and careful attention to detail, and where the true passion for Murano glass is that which nourishes fantasy and creativity.Nothing here is left to chance, on the contrary, born out of the interpretation of a desire, a dream, an existence, where the glass is worked and shaped just like in times gone by and splendidly combined with the styles, colours and transparencies of today. La Perla Veneziana can be defined as a company specialising in handicrafts, one which is always in pursuit of artistic originality for each and every jewel, to complement the elegance of its clients. But that is not all, as La Perla Veneziana resonates with emotion and pleasure that spring forth in the presence of art, which adds to the pleasure of wearing it….exclusive, unique and extraordinary.


Tipologia di lavorazione

  • A lume
  • Perle

Tipologia di prodotto

  • Altro
  • Anelli
  • Bigiotteria
  • Collane
  • Gemelli
  • Pendenti
  • Perle sfuse

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